Our continued thoughts and well wishes are with all who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

We understand that those residing or doing business in the affected areas will face a number of challenges in the days, weeks and months ahead. While the recovery process is underway, Gardere has developed a Hurricane Harvey Response Group to help you address the legal and business continuity questions that typically arise in the aftermath of a disaster such as Hurricane Harvey.

This group is comprised of highly-qualified attorneys with experience in a number of legal areas to help you sort through this complicated process. We recognize that maintaining business continuity is your priority, and we are here to help you. As you evaluate the next steps within your organization, our team can provide counsel and assistance in critical areas, including:

• Contract claims, including force majeure and order control
• Creditors’ rights, financial restructuring and bankruptcy
• Defending allegations of price gouging and other violations of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA)
• Employee compensation, benefits, unemployment claims and potential leaves of absence
• Environmental response, permitting and safety issues
• Government-caused flooding and inverse condemnation
• HIPAA security and privacy
• IRS special tax relief and assistance
• Loan assistance
• Regulatory guidance from state, local and federal agencies
• Transportation of goods and people

Recovery will happen, and through the process, Gardere’s Hurricane Harvey Response Group will be here to help your business plan for the future, and thrive. If you have legal questions regarding your business recovery efforts, please contact us at recovery@gardere.com. We will be glad to connect you with one of our legal professionals. We are here to help. 

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