Teresa Lechner-Fish

Associate, Intellectual Property
1000 Louisiana Street
Suite 2000
Houston, Texas 77002-2099
t 713.276.5525 f 713.276.6525

Recognized, Top Lawyers in Houston 
(Houstonia Magazine)

Teresa Lechner-Fish has a unique technical background that makes her the ideal choice for filing and maintaining patent and trademark applications around the world. She has prepared and prosecuted hundreds of chemical, chemical engineering, business process and other patents during her career. In addition, she is frequently a part of the patent litigation team, learning the complex technologies, establishing the strategy and arguments, and working with technical experts. Growing companies rely on Teresa more comprehensively as their intellectual property general counsel, handling licensing and due diligence, helping them determine where internationally they should file applications, and offering strategy and advice about their competitors.

Her experience is deep in chemistry and includes:

  • Polymer compositions
  • Polyethylene compositions
  • Metal-organic framework materials
  • Mesoporous silica membranes on polymeric hollow fibers
  • Photovoltaic conjugated polymers
  • Zeolite DDR nanoparticles

Her expertise also includes analytical instrumentation and digital orthophotography, as well as experience in the energy industry, such as chemicals and refining, coal gasification, coal liquefaction, natural gas pipelines and nuclear waste management.

Teresa often represents inventors and entrepreneurs, and within a single year, has gotten more than a dozen complex patents to issue. Clients are drawn to Teresa for her ability to fast track the prosecution process – she is frequently brought in to correct problems and complete previously neglected items.

Having served as a senior chemical engineer and intellectual property coordinator/chair of the IP Review Committee for a major corporation, Teresa always keeps business development considerations, such as return-on-investment for patents and trademarks, in mind. A patent holder herself, she has invented or co-invented the following:

  • Co-inventor, Stream Switching System, U.S. Patent No. 7,131,461 (issued Nov. 7, 2006).
  • Inventor, improved carrier pre-heat system for gas chromatograph, U.S. Patent No. 6,776,025 (issued Aug. 17, 2004).
  • Co-inventor, integrated valve for gas chromatograph, U.S. Patent No. 6,601,606 (issued Aug. 5, 2003).
  • Co-inventor, sample and carrier pre-heat system for gas chromatograph, U.S. Patent No. 6,575,015 (issued June 10, 2003).
  • Co-inventor, low-cost stream switching system for gas chromatograph, U.S. Patent No. 6,536,471 B2 (issued March 25, 2003).
  • Co-inventor, improved integrated valve design for gas chromatograph, U.S. Patent No. 6,374,860 (issued April 23, 2002).

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