Marcus Helt

Partner, Financial Restructuring and Reorganization
2021 McKinney Avenue
Suite 1600
Dallas, Texas 75201
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Recognized, The Best Lawyers® in America
(Steven Naifeh & Gregory White Smith eds.,
Woodward/White, Inc.)

Bankruptcy attorney Marcus Helt has a national debtor-focused bankruptcy practice, primarily comprising the restructuring of companies in and out of bankruptcy, debtors' rights, debtor-in-possession financers and acquisitions of distressed assets and companies. His clients are increasingly coming from the energy sector. Marcus is known for his creative, solutions-oriented approach in Chapter 11 proceedings. He has served as Chapter 11 attorney to the following:

  • Dallas Proton Treatment Center, LLC, et al., in their Chapter 11 proceedings
  • Color Star Growers of Colorado, Inc., et al., in their Chapter 11 proceedings
  • Team Express Distributing, LLC, in its Chapter 11 proceeding
  • Chapter 11 trustee for the bankruptcy estates of Xtreme Iron LLC and Xtreme Iron Holdings LLC
  • Chapter 11 trustee for the bankruptcy estate of American Housing Foundation Inc
  • Renaissance Hospitals in the Chapter 11 bankruptcies, resulting in plan confirmation and §363 sale of assets
  • Dorado Beckville Partners I LP in its Chapter 11 bankruptcy, resulting in plan confirmation and full payout plus interest to unsecured creditors
  • Debtor-in-possession lender to American LaFrance in its Chapter 11 bankruptcy, resulting in plan confirmation and successful exit from bankruptcy
  • Brazos Electric Power Cooperative Inc. in confirmation of a Chapter 11 plan, resulting in full payout plus interest to unsecured creditors
  • Buyer of substantially all of the debtor’s assets in Fleming Foods Inc. Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Marcus has served as Court-Appointed Receiver of Sethi Petroleum, LLC, a company engaged in the acquisition of non-operating mineral interests.

His years of experience as a bankruptcy attorney have also seen Marcus represent the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of Mid-States Supply Company, Inc., an oil-field supply company, in its Chapter 11 proceeding. He has also represented the Official Unsecured Creditors’ Committee in Moore Medical Center LLC, resulting in a §363 sale of its assets and corresponding liquidation and was counsel to Brook Mays Music Co. in the § 363 sale of all of its assets and corresponding liquidation. He served as co-counsel to the Official Unsecured Creditors’ Committee in Farmland Industries Inc., resulting in plan confirmation and full payout plus interest to unsecured creditors.

Additionally, Marcus has represented a number of debtors in successfully executing an out-of-court restructuring of debts.

In addition, Marcus handles virtually all types of bankruptcy-related litigation. For example, he was trial counsel to the liquidating trustee in the prosecution of $700,000 preference verdict.

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