Kyle Graves

Associate, Intellectual Property
2021 McKinney Avenue
Suite 1600
Dallas, Texas 75201
t 214.999.4708 f 214.999.3708

Registered Patent Attorney Kyle Graves focuses his practice on the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, as well as handling trademark and copyright matters. Kyle frequently advises companies of all size (but with a particular emphasis on early-stage and startup ventures) on long-term IP strategies and branding efforts crafted for each founder’s business objectives, whether that is an eventual exit/acquisition, strategic investment, or long-term growth strategy. Kyle provides counsel to clients on licensing and other agreements related to the development and disposition of intellectual property assets, and helps companies manage the complex relationships among management, contractors, employees, and strategic partners, to avoid future problems as they expand and strategically pivot. Kyle advises clients on cloud-based solutions agreements, including data center and co-location agreements and uses his technical background in embedded systems to advise on the protection of Internet-of-Things products.

Kyle has experience assisting clients with patent applications related to a variety of technologies, including internet-of-things network-enabled devices, high-power RF communication hardware, medical devices such as implantable bariatric, prosthodontics, and prosthetic appliances and medical diagnostic tools, online education platforms, financial services, payment processing, open-source intelligence gathering and consumer data mining.  Kyle’s experience as an avid pilot and as a former engineer for a government contractor enable him to quickly understand and prepare patent applications for gas turbine engines, avionics, aircraft wheels and brakes, and next-generation airborne communication systems.

Kyle has extensive experience assisting clients who are affected by the recent Alice v. CLS Bank decision to identify protection strategies for software-enabled devices and systems. He also assists clients with technical evaluation of potentially infringing products, including disassembling electronic devices at the circuit component level and identifying potentially infringing sub-circuits.

Clients often solicit Kyle’s strategic branding guidance as they develop new brands and consider trademarks and trademark applications. He represents clients by enforcing trademark and trade dress rights, including drafting cease letters and trial documents for disputes before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), federal court and state court.

Kyle is familiar with representing public figures and other clients needing help with copyright matters including the negotiation of license agreements for television productions, stage shows, and rallies, the preparation of copyright applications, and nationwide enforcement efforts.

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