Gardere helps public and privately-held businesses nationally in the entertainment industry, handling sophisticated transactions, difficult litigation and complex regulatory issues. Our lawyers have experience with construction, real estate, general corporate, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, and other aspects of the industry.

We have earned a top-level reputation representing clients in the development, construction, ownership, management and operation of indoor arenas and outdoor entertainment facilities in cities throughout the U.S.  These include tax-advantaged rehabilitation of several historic theaters in major markets.  

In addition, our lawyers have years of experience helping entertainment entities with radio and television contracts, bookings, sponsor contracts, advertising contracts, licensing and protection rights and principal agent/player negotiations.

In litigation, we represent major corporations and individuals at trial and on appeal with claims involving artistic, dramatic, music, film, video, written works and other entertainment-related issues. Gardere lawyers have also defended personal injury claims arising out of live entertainment performances and sporting events.   Here is a list of selected cases:

  • UMG v. Jennifer Pena
  • Wind-Up Records
  • Sony
  • UMG (Universal Music Group) cases

Gardere is well-known for its long time representation of the world’s largest live entertainment promoter.

Client Stories

Bringing Back a Historic Theater

Where we started:  ACE Theatrical Group wanted to bring back the glory days of The Saenger Theatre, an atmospheric theater that had been a New Orleans landmark since its construction in 1927.

Our roadmap:  Gardere entertainment lawyers helped with the $51 million financing, renovation and lease of the 4,000-seat theater.

And finally:  The Saenger reopened September 27, 2013, with three sold-out performances by comedian Jerry Seinfeld and an opening gala October 3–6. The National Trust for Historic Preservation cited the project as one of the top ten historic sites saved in 2013.

Putting on a Major Performance

Where we started:  Live Nation was producing a performance of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark at The Lyric Theatre (then known as The Hilton Theatre), an iconic 1,932-seat theater in New York City that plays host to big-name Broadway musicals in a historic building.

Our roadmap:  We negotiated and drafted a Theatre License Agreement for the installation and presentation of the show.

And finally: Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark opened in 2011 at The LyricGoAccept Theatre and it ran until early 2014. ‚Äč

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