PODCAST: e-Neutrals and Special Masters in eDiscovery


Please listen to this informative podcast about eNeturals and Special Masters for eDiscovery featuring US District Judge Arthur J. Schwab, Allison Skinner, and Timothy Opsitnick concerning the American College of eNeutrals’ efforts to training mediators, Special Masters, and discovery referees. Karl Schieneman moderated the panel’s discussion.

Also Karl Schieneman interviewed Allison Skinner and me available on a podcast entitled “How To Work With E-Mediation and Special Masters in E-Discovery Cases,” and you are welcome listen to that recording as well.

Judge Schwab is from the Western District of Pennsylvania which earlier this year started Panel of eDiscovery Special Masters, and I’m proud to say that I’m a Panel Member as is Allison Skinner, Timothy Opsitnick, and Karl Schieneman. As a matter of fact many of the Founding Board Members of American College of eNeutrals are Panel Members including David Cohen, Rick Lettieri, and Jonathan Redgrave.

Allison Skinner and I are very pleased that American College of eNeutrals has been so warmly received by Judges, Mediators, Special Masters, and Lawyers around the country.

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