Food and Beverage

Gardere provides legal advice and lobbying assistance for the local food and alcoholic beverage industry based in Texas, as well as for members of the national hospitality sector doing business in the state. With a strong, long-standing presence in Austin, our lawyers have the experience, the knowledge of the processes, and the connections that help our clients no matter where they are expanding and growing throughout the state.

Our food and beverage clients include hotels, pharmacy chains, liquor stores, alcoholic beverage wholesalers, liquor importers/exporters, breweries, wineries, bars, restaurants and grocery stores. Our services are just as inclusive as our client base: we assist in securing state alcoholic beverage licenses and local permits for your stores, ensure regulatory compliance of your day-to-day operations, and advocate on your behalf in enforcement matters.

Whether a large, multinational retailing giant or a corner mom-and-pop store, our clients like the lean, efficient team approach we use to staff each assignment. We provide knowledgeable boots-on-the-ground as well as access to proficient legal disciplines in-house, all at value conscious rates.

Many of our lawyers have worked for the agencies that grant the licenses and enforce compliance of food and beverage regulations in Texas. As a result, we know the people who govern the process from the precinct level to the state house and from the administrative courts through to the trial and appellate courts.

Client Stories

Back in Business in Record Time

Where we started:  A large retail pharmacy chain decided to get back into the beer and wine business in 2009 after a several decade absence from the alcoholic beverage business.

Our roadmap:  Over a 12-month period, our liquor lawyers and paralegals took all of the chain's Texas stores through the licensure process, all the way from the precinct level up to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).

And finally:  Our client and its 500+ locations were back in business in Texas.

Helping a Retail Chain Switch its Licenses to a Franchise-Based Model

Where we started:  A national chain of convenience stores was embarking on a new franchise strategy.

Our roadmap:  Starting in 2006, we worked out a unique joint license arrangement, going from a conglomerate of corporate stores to a franchise model.

And finally:  Our food and beverage lawyers relicensed the franchisees' Texas locations, including their operations permits; that is, lottery, food, tobacco, nursery and the like.

Food and Beverage Industry Essentials

For over 20 years, Gardere lawyers have represented foreign and domestic food and beverage clients in Texas, as well as the state's restaurants, clubs, hotels, grocers and other retailers, wholesalers, breweries and wineries seeking to do business elsewhere in the U.S.

  • General representation. We handle corporate, hotel management agreement and concession agreements, financing, and securities matters for our food and beverage clients. In addition, our liquor lawyers represent food and beverage industry clients in regulatory matters, including alcoholic beverage licensing, regulatory, and enforcement matters and other state and local licensing issues.
  • Related services. The Firm assists in offering securities to the public or private sector, handles labor and employment matters and provides any other legal services required by food and beverage industry clients. We have helped over 20 major national and regional restaurant chains, as well as grocery chains, beverage alcohol manufacturers and wholesalers, and hotel chains. We have also represented food products manufacturers, food wholesalers and food growers in the industry.
  • State and local agencies. We regularly work with the TABC, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts' office and other state and local agencies to provide maximum value to our food and beverage clients.

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