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At Gardere, healthy growth is part of our strategy. We see the importance of investing in our future, and we place value on our summer program for law students. It is our mission to consistently bring in classes of new, talented associates through our summer program and to grow our Firm from the most junior position up. Many of our partners and associates started at Gardere in our summer program and are still practicing here many years later. 

Currently, we have summer programs for first-year and second-year law students in our Dallas and Houston offices. These programs offer participants the opportunity to see what it is like to practice law at Gardere, as well as the opportunity to work alongside some of the best attorneys in the state of Texas. Our Firm attorneys are focused on teamwork and mentoring. Students are invited to attend trials, draft documents, participate in deal closings, observe depositions, attend witness and client interviews, work on various aspects of real estate transactions, conduct legal research, prepare or respond to motions and briefs, work on securities offerings, assist in the closing or a purchase or sale of a business, and much more.

Through the summer program, it is our goal at Gardere to identify future associates who show the ability to succeed as members of our team. The summer associates selected for our program possess superior records at both the undergraduate and law school levels, along with an accompanying history of significant contributions in professional, community, charitable or other worthwhile pursuits. Additional factors that will be considered are law review or journal membership, moot court or mock trial participation, and significant extracurricular activities. We also welcome students who have accepted judicial clerkships to participate in our summer program.

Quotes from First-year Attorneys:

  • “Gardere immediately stood out as my firm of choice after several interviews at law firms in Texas and on the East Coast. On my job search, I was looking for a firm that offered early practice experience for young associates, had a professional yet laid-back firm culture, and competitive compensation. Gardere provided all three. The firm places substantial responsibility on young associates and makes you feel part of the team. Gardere's culture is truly something unique and, in my opinion, a huge selling point of the Firm.”

  • "As a summer associate, I was immediately given the opportunity to work, contribute and interact in one of the biggest trials of the summer for the Houston labor and employment practice group. This was a testament to how Gardere provides great exposure to real client work for their summer associates. I was made to feel part of a team and family that is not only dedicated to the success of their client's cases, but to the professional development and growth of their attorneys. My decision to join Gardere depended greatly on the work-life balance it offers and the strong sense of unity I experienced while clerking."

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