Gardere is committed to strategic growth that fulfills the needs of our current and prospective clients. We are focused on hiring high-caliber lateral attorneys who will blend their strengths with ours and create an even more collaborate environment. We are looking for laterals to join our Firm in an entrepreneurial setting that promotes teamwork and cross-selling. 

Gardere’s Dallas and Houston offices are ranked among the top 10 largest firms in their respective cities, and today, with more than 240 lawyers practicing law in more than 40 practice areas, Gardere remains one of the largest law firms in Texas. With one look at our comprehensive list of practice areas, our roster of first-rate attorneys and our history of successes, you can see our broad range of expertise and leadership, and understand why we are a leading regional law firm. But credentials are just the start. Our clients tell us that our Firm is known for traits such as excellence, competitiveness, integrity, spirit and tireless service. Our forward-thinking and strategic growth plan includes expanding our footprint throughout the United States and Latin America. We are always assessing further strategic and opportunistic growth opportunities.

Once a lateral joins Gardere, it’s just the beginning. We pride ourselves on our professional development program at the Firm, which is a vital and ongoing management function of the Firm. This cutting edge program includes components such as coordinating integration and acclimation meetings, helping to identify cross-selling initiatives, new attorney orientation and training, mentoring, business development and management workshops, CLEs and monthly presentations relating to current practice area topics, ethics and personal development. We believe that by providing continuous training and support we enable our lawyers to constantly strive for excellence.

Gardere is also committed to maintaining our presence as a significant force in professional, charitable and civic affairs throughout our communities. We are dedicated to our participation in numerous pro bono programs. As such, our associates receive billable hour credit for a portion of the approved pro bono legal work they perform.

Quotes from lateral attorneys:

  • Gardere’s full-service capabilities, coupled with its international reach, provides the ideal platform to better serve my clients and to respond effectively to the broad range of legal issues affecting their businesses. It is an honor to be joining such a well-known and respected Firm.

  • Joining Gardere has been a very good decision – both for my clients as well as my personal practice. In the last several years, the Firm has methodically built upon and complimented its tenured group of lawyers possessing years of experience in structuring and implementing cross-border projects by bringing in international tax, trade compliance, and complex dispute resolution, including arbitration and litigation expertise. The depth of multidisciplinary expertise available within Gardere promotes a holistic approach for clients entering foreign markets or facing complex issues arising out of their foreign operations, and allows for efficiency in the delivery of our services. From a personal standpoint, I have also found my new colleagues to be warm, generous, and welcoming; it’s a pleasure to practice law in this environment.

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