From modest beginnings in 1909, in the small town of Wills Point, Texas, Gardere has grown into a highly regarded law firm with approximately 250 lawyers in offices across Texas, Colorado and Mexico.

The distinguished tradition began with Angus Wynne joining his father to form Wynne & Wynne and carried on to the early 1960’s when the Firm grew by several partners to form Wynne, McKenzie, Stroud, Jaffe & Tinsley, which ultimately became known as Wynne & Jaffe. The Firm grew again in 1979 with the merger between Wynne & Jaffe and Gardere, Porter & Dehay that resulted in the formation of a law firm with 83 lawyers, which in 1981 became known as Gardere & Wynne.

In 1992, with the goal of providing a strategic solution to accommodate the needs of our clients investing in and operating businesses on both sides of the border and throughout Mexico and Latin America, the Firm opened an office in Mexico City. We were the first Texas law firm, and one of the first U.S. firms, to open an office in Mexico.

In 1993, we opened an office in Houston to address the increasingly complex environmental matters in that region, and in 1995, we merged with Sewell & Riggs, a law firm with history spanning three quarters of a century. This merger strengthened our ability to serve clients in the energy industry and also amplified our litigation practice.

We expanded our Mexico and Latin American presence by forming Gardere, Arena y Asociados, S.C., a joint venture with Arena y Asociados, in 1996.

In 2002, we added an office in Austin, Texas, the heart of the state’s government, to strengthen our focus on serving our clients’ legislative and regulatory needs.

In July 2014, Gardere strengthened its commitment to serving clients throughout Mexico and Latin America once again by entering into an agreement with joint venture partner Arena y Asociados. As part of the agreement, Gardere, Arena y Asociados S.C. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Gardere and the separate legal operations of Arena y Asociados were fully integrated into the Firm.

In January 2016, the Firm expanded again by opening our newest office in Denver, allowing us to further strengthen our service to clients.

In the years to come, we will maintain our tradition of service to our clients and strive always to be worthy of the reputation established by our founders more than 100 years ago.

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