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Your safety and that of your family is important to us.  Utilize this site and the Gardere  Emergency Access Lines to obtain Firm information and updates. Print this page for quick offline reference. 

Emergency Access Lines

The Emergency Access Lines listed below serve two functions:  (1) for Gardere employees to obtain Firm information and updates in the event of a disaster; and (2) for Gardere employees to call and leave questions or a message that they are OK in the event they are forced to leave the office during a disaster. 

 Austin  512-542-7233 (SAFE)
 Dallas  214-999-4665 (IMOK)
 Houston  713-276-5911

All Office Emergency Access Lines will rollover to alternate numbers should an office phone system be without power. 

Access to Gardere Attorney/Staff Home and Cell Contact Information

  • From the office or via Citrix, open Outlook and select Tools | Address Book from the Menu Bar. Begin typing the last name to search for an individual; double-click the name and select the Phone/Notes tab to display telephone information.
  • From the office or via Citrix, open gWiz and type the last name of the individual into the People Search field in the upper right corner, then press [Enter]. Click the person's name from the search results to display the contact information.
  • From Outlook Web Access, type the individual's last name into the Find Someone field and press [Enter]. If more than one match is found, click to select a name. A contact information window displays.
  • To access this information on a Blackberry device, use the lookup feature by typing the person's last name into the Address Book. Press the Enter key (wait 15-30 seconds for the list to populate). Scroll to locate the person's name, then press the [Enter] key to place a call or send an e-mail.
  • To access this information on a Windows Mobile device, use the Company Directory. Display the Contacts list and press the Center Navigation Button or the Menu button and choose Company Directory. Scroll to highlight and select the information to display.


Emergency Email System "EMS" (Mexico City only)

From an internet browser type (do not enter http: or www).  To log in, type in your Gardere email address into the User name field and type two zeros followed by your four-digit attorney number into the Password field (i.e. 001234). The EMS Site will allow you to send and receive internet email using your Gardere email address, but does not allow access to email messages sent or received before the server outage. 

Outlook Web Access ( (available when Outlook server is in operation)

Email will be available through Outlook Web Access if the Outlook server is in operation.  To login, type in your Gardere user name and password.  Be certain to click the "Log Off" icon when finished. 

Blackberry and Windows Mobile Devices (available when Outlook, ActivSync and Blackberry servers are operational)
Email can be accessed via any Firm configured Blackberry or Windows Mobile device. 

Using Citrix Remote Access - Accessing Other Programs, Documents and Email (availability of other programs will be contingent on servers that are operational)

The Firm does not have an unlimited number of Citrix licenses.  For this reason, users should be mindful of Citrix usage so that those in emergency areas have "first call."  If you log in to Citrix, please do not leave your session "idle," and remember to "log off" properly as soon as you can in order to free-up that connection for another user.  Unless you need to access documents or other applications via Citrix, you should check email by going to Outlook Web Access and leave the Citrix connections available for those that need them. 

To access Citrix from an internet browser, type in the address bar.  Choose your appropriate office location and display setting. If the links to your office location are not working, choose the link to another office.  At the login window, choose your appropriate office location and then type in your username and password. 

For information on using Citrix and other Citrix alternatives, click here

Technical Support

The Technology Resource Center lines are monitored during normal business hours (M-F 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.).  After-hours technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The after-hours number is 469‑879-5155 for immediate assistance.  If an email is received by HelpDesk after-hours, a User Support Specialist will return the call during normal business hours. 

If a Gardere office is operational, contact your Technology Resource Center. 

 Austin:  214-999-4411 or 713-276-5411
 Dallas:  214-999-4411
 Houston:  713-276-5411
 Mexico City:  214-999-4411 or 713-276-5411 

If a Gardere office is not operational dial 214-999-4411 or 713-276-5411. These lines will be forwarded to a working number in the event the Firm's phone is inoperable. 

Document Access

In the event DM Hummingbird documents are unavailable in your office, IT Staff will have the ability to access documents by Author Name and Document Number only.

Faxing Information (RightFax is available when the RightFax server is in operation)

In the event the main fax lines are unavailable for a Gardere office, faxes will be rerouted to another Gardere office that is in operation.  RightFax can be accessed by using Citrix or from within the Firm if the server is available.


If the telephone system for the affected Gardere office is not operational please refer to the Emergency Access Lines listed above.  These lines are for employee information and reporting.  Also note that when the telephone system is down in one Gardere office, client and other outside calls to the affected office's Main number will be rerouted to another Gardere office. 

If the telephone system for the affected office is operational but the office is already closed, any employee can call their own voicemail mailbox and review new messages.  See Voicemail Access Number.  Employees can also have their voicemail notify them when new voicemail messages are received.  They can then call in to review their new messages.  See Voicemail Notification  Instructions on how to program your own phone. 

If the telephone system for the affected office is operational but the office has not yet closed, Attorneys, Paralegals and Managers can physically forward their phones to an off-site number.  This feature is done manually at the phone, so if building access prevents this, use the Voicemail Notification feature mentioned below.  See Off-site forwarding instructions for how to program your phone before you leave and when you return to the office. 

If the telephone system, voicemail system and email system for the affected office are not operational, the Firm has additional voice messaging services with Calling Post, which is a service designed to deliver voice messages to all employees using all personal telephone numbers you have entered into the HR database. Calling Post can either deliver the Firmís message on your home or mobile voicemails or will play the message if the number is answered.

Voicemail Access Numbers

Dallas: 214-999-4949
877-295-8880 (Toll Free)
Houston: 713-276-5591
877-497-7765 (Toll Free)
Austin: 877-295-8880 (Toll Free)

Voicemail Notification Instructions 

This feature is called Outcalling and works like a remote message waiting light for voicemail.   You will be notified, on your landline, cell phone or pager, that you have new voicemail messages to be reviewed.   You can then dial into voicemail and review the messages.  It will not send you the actual number of the person who called and it will not forward the voicemail itself.   For this feature to work, you have to program your voicemail mailbox.  Before you begin, make sure you have the phone number you want to be notified at and the Voicemail Access Number for your office. 

The steps below are for an initial setup and may vary if you already have Outcalling schedules in place.  There is not enough space to cover all the possible scenarios for this feature.

How to program your voicemail to notify you:

1. Call the voicemail number for your office (see Voicemail access numbers)
2. Key in your extension and password
3. Choose option 9 (Mailbox options)
4. Choose option 4 (Outcalling)
5. Choose option 1 (Create/Modify schedule)
6. Choose 1 (to create schedule 1)
7. Dallas users - skip to step 8
Houston users - Choose 1 (Pager) even if you are using a cell phone
Press # to confirm
8. Key in number (cell or pager) you want to be notified at preceded by 9 and followed by #
Examples: 97132224444#, 92149997777#, 95125421111#
Press # to confirm the number if correct
9. Choose 8 followed by # (Monday-Friday)
Press # to confirm
10. Key in the START time followed by a #
This will be the time you want the paging feature to activate each day
Examples: 800# = 8 o-clock, 930# = 9:30
Key in 1 then # for AM or 2 then # for PM
Press # to confirm start time
11. Key in the STOP time followed by a # (time you want to start being paged each day)
See examples in item 10
Key in 1 then # for AM or 2 then # for PM
Press # to confirm stop time
12. Choose 1 followed by # (all messages)
Press # to confirm
13. Choose 0 followed by # (immediate notification)
Press # to confirm
14. Choose 1 followed by # (to turn schedule on)
Press # to confirm
15. Choose # to finish (or 9 to review)

Off-site forwarding instructions

Each lawyer, paralegal and administrative manager has been given the ability to forward their direct extensions to off-site/non-firm numbers.  Phone calls to forwarded extensions are immediately rerouted to the designated off-site number and, if the call is not answered, voicemail would be dependent on the voicemail capabilities of the offsite number.  This ability will  be very useful in situations when the firm's phone system is operational, but you will not have access to the building for a period of time.  Please keep in mind, however, this feature must be activated at the telephone and cannot be done remotely.  Additionally, you cannot forward offsite to a long distance number.

To implement offsite forwarding, press your primary extension, enter #91 (or forward button if you have one) and dial the number that you wish to forward to. When you hang up, your primary extension will have a pulsing light (indicating it is in forward mode.) To cancel the forwarding, press your primary extension again and enter ##91 (or forward button if you have one).

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