Startups, Emerging Business and Venture Capital

Our Startup, Emerging Business and Venture Capital team works with venture capital funds and other investors, as well as emerging companies, in a wide variety of industry sectors. The team’s dual focus on representing investors and emerging companies provides its clients with the high-quality and market-focused advice needed in the evolving venture capital market.

Our team works closely with the Firm’s Investment Management and Fund Formation Practice and handles investments in emerging businesses made by those funds after formation.

For emerging business clients, when the day comes to bring in angel or venture capital financing, or to acquire a competitor, we are there every step of the way. We help emerging, venture-backed and fast-growth companies position themselves for exits, whether that means preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) or sale, establishing long-term equity incentive plans or protecting IP assets.

As part of our service offering, we provide our fast-growth clients access to a premier, full-service law firm. When complex tax, estate planning, international licensing or other sophisticated transaction or litigation-related issues arise, we have instant access to the depth and breadth of experience it takes to address those matters quickly and successfully.

Client Story

Through relationships out of the Firm’s Houston office, Rick Jordan, one of our team members, was recently engaged to handle a multimillion-dollar later-stage financing for a Texas-based bio tech company. The venture-backed client reached out to the Firm after realizing its fast growth required utilization of different areas of law, from corporate representation to IP to employment issues. The Firm quickly got up-to-speed regarding the client’s technology and FDA-approval status and successfully negotiated a significant financing round with a leading venture capital firm. As part of the financing, the team handled a number of other matters, including employment agreements for the executive team and implementing a long-term equity incentive program. The Firm currently is assisting the client with pre-IPO preparation.

Start-up, Emerging Company and Venture Capital Essentials

Our Startup, Emerging Business and Venture Capital team assists clients in every critical area:

  • Venture capital. Our lawyers work with venture capital funds to help connect emerging companies with investment sources. Because of Gardere's full range of legal services, we help from initial investment through final liquidity, no matter what issue or opportunity arises.
  • Angel and Other Investors. We represent all types of investors in early and later-stage financings.
  • Formation. When we help form a new company, we create the foundation it takes to raise capital, protect intellectual property, build a staff and employ cutting-edge long-term equity incentive programs.
  • Growth.  We partner with emerging companies, serving at every stage in the life cycle – from early-stage through to maturity. Our lawyers ensure that internal structures are in place and that there are the resources and structure to support smooth day-to-day operations.
  • Exit. We are a market leader in Texas, assisting venture-backed and family-owned businesses in effecting exits and other liquidity events.

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